The foundation of buying a home or selling a home boils down to value.

What’s it worth?


I have been helping buyers and sellers answer that question for more than 30 years.


I will give you all of the tools, coupled with my analytical skills as an appraiser/broker to help you make an informed decision. I can help you figure out “good value”, if the home is priced right, and when it’s over priced.  By the time we have looked at many homes, you will have gained the knowledge from me, to make the best decision for yourselves. 


Because of my appraisal background, I have the ability to accurately value all the properties that my clients are considering. This is strength when negotiating with other realtors, to get you the best possible price. 


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If your selling your home, knowledge is also the key to a successful and stress free transaction. If your home is priced right from the beginning, it should sell within a normal time frame, for that particular market, at that point in time. You will benefit from my 30 + years of real estate in appraising, design, layout, marketing, and positioning your property in the market so that you will achieve the best possible price for your home.  


Are your real estate taxes making it difficult to sell your home? I have helped hundreds of homeowners successfully challenge their real estate assessments, and reduce their taxes.  Click on the Granite Logo for more informaiton about having your taxes reduced.

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